MISSION | Our values

Our mission is to protect, conserve, reproduce, and re-introduce those breeds that are ready and capable of surviving in their natural habitat. By reproducing as many species as possible, our goal is to raise awareness about the fauna of the country and decrease the threat of endangered species along with those that are not yet at risk.

Our approach is first and foremost to look after the well being of our animals providing safe and proper shelters as well as healthy diets. Then, we seek to apply the most innovative science to achieve reproduction and conservation of our species. We are open and committed to share and apply this knowledge to reach our goals. We are committed to support sustainable living and development of each animal through our hands-on conservation and reproduction experts. Field-based research and local capacity building are aimed towards regional-scale preservation and the well being of ACR’s family of species. 

Being a private foundation, we seek to save the wildlife of Guatemala and infuse in people the magnitude of the need to protect, conserve and restore our fauna. We want to apply the wealth of our passion to restore the living wonders of nature and encourage others to join us. We are determined to take Animal Conservation Reserve to the next level by allowing research groups, colleges, universities, and sponsors to become part of the journey of sustainable growth and scientific knowledge.